Advanced Programming Language and Compiler Research Group at SJU

Department of Computer Engineering
SangJi University, KOREA

(T)+82-33-730-0486, (F)+82-33-730-0480, (E)
660 Usandong Wonjusi Gangwondo, Republic of Korea, 220-702

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Research Focus

Recently, Our research focuses on the Energy-oriented Architecture Description Language(EoADL). We constructs a programmable architecture and generates an energy-oriented SDK through the structural, behavioral, and energy consumption management informations in embedded systems, SoC design areas. To achieve the goals of this research, Firstly, we research about the design of Energy-oriented Architecture Description Language(EoADL), the class-based hierarchical energy-oriented ADL, captures the structural, behavioral, and energy management informations of the architecture. Secondly, we research about the generation of the retargetable SDK, Energy-oriented Software Development Kit(EoSDK) composed of eCompiler, eOptimizer, eAssembler, eSimulator, and eDebugger, through the EoADL. Finally, we describes the MIPS R4000, ARM11 on the actual EoADL and shows the results of the whole system's verification and performance.


2021 Research Events

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